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Build life skills among adolescent students enrolled in Government State Board High and Higher Secondary Schools of Madhya Pradesh (MP) so that they can achieve their goals and make informed decisions for better health and well-being and address harmful social practices like child marriage, gender inequality, dowry through well informed and skilled adolescents and youth.


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Journey of Umang

Umang LSE program in stages

Umang Mobile App

For program reporting and monitoring

Umang app for session reporting by teacher

Umang app for monitoring by monitors

Umang Online

  • A web-based online platform was created to reach out to students during lock down period related with Covid19 pandemic. A series of 21 Talk Show based on class 9th Umang manual was shared with students in January 2021. The talk shows cumulatively received 244807 views on YouTube and a total of 88118 students’ response through feedback forms.
  • Subsequently, on the topics covered in class 10th Umang manual, Umang 15 Talk Shows were again provided to students through Web from July, 2021. These cumulatively received 256194 views on YouTube and a total of 121148 students’ response through feedback forms.
  • After the completion of Umang Online Talk Show Program, Ten Videos were shared on Web. The videos together received 267548 YouTube views and 69538 students’ responses.

Umang TV

By compiling the classroom session videos, talk shows, and Umang animatics, 21 one-hour videos were created which were televised on Doordarshan Madhya Pradesh, to reach out to the students who did not have an access to smart phone and internet.

Honorable School Education Minister Shri Inder Singh Parmar formally launched this initiative on 13th January 2021. The telecast started on DD MP from 7 February 2021. The feedbacks were also received from Students and Teachers based on the episodes, which were 289600 and 35239 respectively.