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Life skills for better future Life skills for Realising Goals Life skills for Informed decision
Life skills for Better Health
& well being
Life skills for Addressing Harmful
Social Practices

Life Skills Education (LSE)


An interactive process of teaching and learning which enables learners to acquire knowledge and develop attitudes and skills needed to make decisions and take positive actions to support the adoption of healthy behaviors

Strategy for Implementation


Life Skills education Sessions are based on the principles of adult learning and experiential learning

Experiential Learning

 Participatory Training Techniques used in transaction of life skills with students

Role Plays

Situation Card



Case Studies

Brain Storming

Debates / Quiz

Group Discussions

10 Core Life Skills

Social Skills

Self Awareness

Knowing one's qualities and characteristics, knowing oneself, one's values in life, likes and dislikes and recognizing one's strengths and weaknesses is self-awareness.

Effective Communication

Is the ability to express, both verbally and non-verbally, in ways that are culturally acceptable

Interpersonal Relations

Help us relate with people in a positive way. It also means being able to make and maintain friendly relationship, which can be of great importance to our mental and social being


Seeing oneself in the position of others is Empathy. Imagining and placing yourself in another person’s situation, accepting and understanding them and the ability to help and support the other person if required is being empathetic.

Thinking Skills

Critical Thinking

Enables us to explore the available alternatives and various consequences of our actions or non-action.

Creative Thinking

The ability to analyze information and experiences in an objective manner. It can help us recognize and assess the factor that influences attitudes and behavior

Decision Making

The decision making skill refers to the process in which one chooses the best course of action after carefully analysing all the options available and considering their pros and cons, also keeping in view their effects and consequences.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is the process of identifying a problem, analysing it, developing possible solution paths, and taking the most appropriate course of action.

Emotional Skills

Coping with Stress

Recognizing emotions within us and others, being aware of how emotions influence behavior, and being able to respond to emotions appropriately

Coping With Emotions

Recognizing the sources of stress in our lives, recognizing how this affects us, and acting in ways that help us control our levels of stress, by changing our environment or lifestyle and learning how to relax

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Our Partners

School Education Department, Govt. of MP

The School Education Department owns and implements with sheer determination the Umang program in high and higher secondary schools across the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Directorate of Skill Development, Govt. of MP

The Directorate of Skill Development is actively implementing the Jeevan Tarang program in all the Government Industrial Training Institutes of Madhya Pradesh.

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

UNFPA has been playing a pivotal role by providing technical and financial support for institutionalization of the Life Skills Education program in Madhya Pradesh.

Bhartiya Grameen Mahila Sangh

Bhartiya Grameen Mahila Sangh is a national level social development organisation based in Indore in Madhya Pradesh, India. BGMS renders professional services in social sector and implements a range of development projects at the grass roots level.